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Enabling and Turning on the WLAN

The steps to enable and turn on the WLAN feature are identical for applications using automatic or manual connections.

The steps to prepare the WLAN:

  1. To make WLAN technology available on the device, the WLAN subscription needs to be enabled by calling IPHONECTL_SetSubscriptionStatus(). This can be performed during the device or application startup sequence.
  2. As a result of enabling the WLAN subscription, WLAN may be turned on if the default system mode preference contains WLAN.
  3. To turn WLAN on and off, the application should add or remove WLAN from the system mode preference by calling IPHONECTL_SetSystemPreference() with AEET_MODE_PREF_CURRENT_PLUS_WLAN (or any mode preferences that includes WLAN), or AEET_MODE_PREF_CURRENT_LESS_WLAN (or any mode preferences that excludes WLAN) set.

    To find other preferences that add or remove WLAN from the system mode preference, see AEETModePref in AEETelDef.h.

The WLAN can only be connected to one access point at a time.