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FAQ: What is DAP?

Developer Application Price:The pricing templates on the Distribution Extranet (previously referenced as the Brew Developer Extranet) will enable Developer to set Developer’s application price for each Brew Application (the “DAP”). Developer may change the DAP for each Brew Application as provided in the pricing templates. For a summary of the pricing templates set forth in the Distribution Extranet, please see the Application Pricing Overview set forth at the end of these Brew Pricing Terms. Except for those Operators specified immediately below, the DAP must be in U.S. Dollars or such other currency specified by Qualcomm. For those Operators specified immediately below, each Operator accepts DAPs only in the local currency of the territory in which the Operator provides services. Payments due Developer for Brew Applications made available to such Operators will be converted into U.S. Dollars by Qualcomm before payment is made to Developer.

  • Asia Pacific Broadband Wireless Communications Inc.
  • Hutchison CAT Wireless Multimedia Limited
  • Pelephone Communications Ltd.
  • Reliance Communications Infrastructure Limited
  • Tata Teleservices Limited
  • Vivo (Brazil)