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about IFlashPlayer_LoadURL()

I have a question about IFlashPlayer_LoadURL(). I tried the sample codes, I checked that it worked well with the file on my computer. (#define SWF_MOVIE_FILE "media/sample.swf"
) With using IFlashPlayer_LoadURL(), I could find the file and it was played well.

Otherwise, regarding the media file on Internet, I couldn t play it. I just changed the file s URL like this,
#define SWF_MOVIE_FILE "mobile.embider.com/dev/private/oki/sample.swf"
I tried it in the same way. After IFlashPlayer_LoadURL(), I could received the event (IFlashPlayer_Event_LoadComplete), but I couldn t see anything.
Do I have to use other API for loading the file on Internet? Let me know the way to play the file using the web- URL.

The location of the sample code is as followings, ,
Qualcomm\Brew MP 1.0 SDK Rev 1.7\samplecode\c_ui_flashplayer