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Weird ICALL_GetInfo() behavior



I am trying to retrieve an incoming call number using ICall_GetInfo. I have a model listener set-up for this purpose. ICallMGR_GetCall() and ICall_GetInfo() return SUCCESS, and I can read almost all relevant fields of the resulting AEETCallInfo structure except the field "other_party_no"? I just can't seem to print the string on my debug screen using printf %s. When I check the string length, it shows up as zero. The call comes through and appears on the phone display as well.It's only my app that somewhow seems to not receive it properly. Any idea what I am doing wrong here?





here's my code snippet:

if (pCallEvent && (AEET_EVENT_CALL_INCOM == pCallEvent->evCode)){   
  MEMSET(&pMe->sTCallInfo, 0, sizeof(AEETCallInfo)); pTCallEventData = (AEETCallEventData *)&(pCallEvent->call);ICALLMGR_GetCall(pMe->piCallMgr, pTCallEventData->cd, &pMe->pICall);  if (ICALL_GetInfo(pMe->pICall, &(pMe->sTCallInfo),      sizeof(AEETCallInfo))==SUCCESS) {      printf("Incoming call number is %s",pMe->sTCallInfo.other_party_no);  }}