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BREW 3.1.5 SMS transmission notification


Not sure if this is the correct forum category, since this post pertains to the BREW 3.x category that is locked in the Archive.


Is it possible to receive an indication when the device sends an SMS message on a BREW 3.x device?


My app has not been able to do this.

However, the app does receive an indication of a received SMS message via registeing for an EVT_NOTIFY containing event data of a clsid = AEECLSID_SMSNOTIFIER with a dwMask = ( ( AEESMS_TYPE_TEXT << 16 ) | NMASK_SMS_TYPE ).


Reading other posts in this forum such as the following post link, revealed the use of a the ISMS_QueryInterface() function to set up an IModel Listener to receive an EVT_MDL_SMS_MSG_SENT in the Listener callback function indicating that an SMS message had been sent. This approach did not work for me on an LG VX11000 device nor the 3.1.5 SP02 simulator. There were no error codes returned from the function calls to set this up however the Listener callback was not triggered when an SMS message was sent or received. The app has the AEECLSID_SMSMAINCLIENT and AEECLSID_SMSSTORAGE set in the Dependencies list at the Module level.


I also tried the approach of using the ISMSStorage to query the state of the SMS message store using ISMSSTORAGE_GetStorageStatus( AEESMS_NV_CDMA, AEESMS_TAG_MO_SENT, ...) however the count information did not change when queried after sending an SMS message from the device. I am unsure if ISMSStorage can query the SMS message store on the device itself, as opposed to a SIM/RUIM card. I do see the AEESMSStorageType values of AEESMS_NV_CDMA and AEESMS_NV_CDMA_TEMPLATE, which seem to indicate that these would query the device message store. I did not try AEESMS_NV_CDMA_TEMPLATE.


Is this there a standard approach for an app to receive an indcation of an SMS message being sent from a BREW 3.x device, such as the LG VX11000?

Or, any other suggestions?