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Questions about title widgets


I have a requirment to display a screen consisting of:

1) a narrow title bar at the top of the screen

2) an image about 1/4 of the way down the screen, which I am creating as an image widget

3) some text about 3/4 of the way down the screen which I am creating as a static widget

4) soft keys at the bottom of the screen, which I  am creating soft key widgets


The screen has a root container (IRootContainer) and the widgets are getting inserted via



For the title bar I am using  title widget, but the documentation says they must be wrapped around another widget, so I am using:


IDecorator_SetWidget(pTitleDecoratorWgt, pImageWgt).


In other words I am wrapping it around the image widget.


This works but does not seem a very good solution as there is a coupling between the title and the image widget - what if I want to change the image to be text, or get rid of the image, etc. then I have to also change the IDecorator_SetWidget() line of code.


Is there another way of doing it? I tried wrapping the title widget round the root container's widget but that was crashing the simulator.



Also is it possible to add a gradient to a title widget?