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    if((ISHELL_CreateInstance(pMe->a.m_pIShell, AEECLSID_CLOCKCTL, (void**)(&pMe->m_pClock)) != SUCCESS) )        {            DBGPRINTF("clock control not created");            return ;        }          if( !ITIMECTL_SetTime(pMe->m_pClock,pMe->m_psettime))       {           DBGPRINTF("settime  control not created");            return;        }       pMe->m_psettime=NULL;       SETAEERECT(&rcm,0,0,0,0);           SETAEERECT(&rcm, 0, 30 , pMe->m_rScreenRect.dx,  pMe->m_rScreenRect.dy-30);                            ITIMECTL_SetRect(pMe->m_pClock, &rcm);

        ITIMECTL_SetEditField(pMe->m_pClock, ITF_HOUR|ITF_MIN);        ITIMECTL_EnableCommand(pMe->m_pClock,TRUE,EVT_COMMAND);




i am using above code to display time ctl on samsung sch339..it shows the timer ctl but as soon as i press up or down key it hides the other control and activated part of timer ctl doesnot shown...i mean if HH:MM:SS  is dispalyed and hh part is activated it doesnot shown on screen ..however up and down arrow increment and decrement its value respectively....is it a bug for device because it doesnot happen on simulator...however timectl hide the other control as well on simulator