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M2M Application Upgrades

I am currently developing an M2M application that will run on custom hardware with a BREW MP module at its core.  I searched around for this information, but couldn't find it anywhere, so I figured I'd just ask.  Keep in mind that this is an internal M2M application that will only be distributed with our hardware and that this software will be the only thing this hardware runs.  This will be loaded at the factory during manufacturing.

  1. Is BREW Authentication and True BREW testing required even if we are not submitting our application to one of the BREW distribution channels at large?
  2. Is it possible to keep our application internal only and not have it distributed through one of the BREW distribution channels?
  3. How do software updates work?  Must all updates go over the air through a BREW distribution channel, or is it possible for us to load updates from our own servers, or even externally over something like Bluetooth as long as the binaries are signed?