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Event Handling issue


I have a button on a screen. This screen has 5 more screens attached to it adjacently wrapped in a viewport. I am able to swipe the view from one screen to other.But whenever i am trying to swipe from this screen to other screens by placing pointer on button, then i am unable to do that. Every time i am getting the event EVT_MDL_WIDGETELEM_CLICK, button listener is being hit, and the subsequent button commands are being executed. But i dont want that to happen. When i am swiping i want EVT_MDL_SCROLL_CHANGE event to be handled by the viewport,even if i swipe on the button. I am not being able to figure out how to customize this default behaviour of Brew. I have tried by setting the touch mode of the button with AEEWIDGET_TOUCH_MODE_CHILD, that is allowing me to swipe on the button , but again if i am doing that,i am not getting the event EVT_MDL_WIDGETELEM_CLICK, and i am unable to click on the button.

Can anyone suggest me a way out of this problem...