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Technology Guide

24 Sep 10
Learn to work with the Brew MP Application Management technology including IWindowHistory, IAppHistory, and IAppletCtl.
8 Jul 11
Learn to work with Brew MP File System technology, including the IFileSystem2 and IFilePort1 interfaces.
21 May 12
Learn to work with Brew MP system memory and heap technologies including MALLOC, REALLOC,and FREE.
23 Apr 12
Learn to work with Brew MP OS Services technologies including threads, signals, system timer, local storage, and memory management.
3 May 11
Learn to work with the System Settings technology including ISettings and ISettingsStoreFactory.
17 Feb 10
Describes how to use clocks, alarms, and timers, and shows example code for each.
12 Dec 11
Describes how to use the IWallpaper interface and, for oems, how to implement wallpaper support on the device.

How To

20 Dec 10
Discusses Mobile Application Security, including controlling and constraining code and code authorization methods.
9 Feb 10
Tells you how to declare and use a singleton in a Brew MP application.
20 Dec 10
Outlines how to package and authorize applications to run on Brew MP devices, develop and deploy an application download environment, and implement an on-device application manager.
15 Mar 11
Describes how Brew MP supports the implementation of a native application-download service using Open Mobile Alliance Download Over-the-Air (OMA DLOTA).
14 Mar 11
Learn how to share IShell-Dependent objects in Brew MP.
12 Feb 10
Learn how to create threads, set up a callback to be invoked when a thread terminates, and yield so that other threads can execute.