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How To

1 Jun 12
Describes how to build the toolset source kit and how to build individual tools. Also specifies the software required to do the builds and provides troubleshooting information.

Technology Guide

31 May 11
Provides information on CAL and CAL.exe.
13 Apr 12
Describes Brew MP device connection, including Brew MP Connect and Developer Mode Enable.
5 Apr 12
Describes how to create a Brew MP device profile.
21 May 12
Provides information on memory and heap debugging tools as well as examples of debugging memory corruption, memory leaks, and interface leaks.


24 May 12
Provides details for using all tools installed with the Brew MP SDK.
7 Nov 11
Provides information about the various utility applets, including About, Developer Mode, Monkey Test, Stress CPU, Stress File, Stress Heap, and Utility Panel.