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Using Virtual Keypad in Legacy BREW Applications for Developers

Using Virtual Keypad in Legacy BREW applications for Developers

Base version: Brew MP 1.0 .2 and newer versions
Tested version: Brew MP 1.0.4
Phone tested: Yes
Document number: HT80-VT500-229
Date published: March 22, 2012

Legacy Brew applications that have built their own UI controls may need access to the virtual keypad to allow user input.


Brew® Mobile Platform (Brew MP™™) applications can use Widgets to access the virtual keypad. Legacy Brew applications that do not use Widgets need to use a virtual keypad. This virtual keypad application must be provided by the OEM, along with changes to the TextCtl to launch the virtual keypad. OEMs may use the JVIApp provided by Brew MP.


To display the virtual keypad, a legacy Brew application must send pointer events to the TextCtl. The modified ITextCtl implementation uses the pointer events to determine when to launch the virtual input application.

Overview of the JVIApp

The JVIApp is used with the JVI Service and the JVI Singleton. The figure below shows the interactions between the components that are used to launch the JVIApp to allow the user to input text.