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Saving a Snapshot or Movie


This topic shows how to save a snapshot or movie.


Stopping the ICamera object causes the callback function to be called with an nStatus of CAM_STATUS_DONE and nCmd of CAM_CMD_START. When this occurs, the application can call the ICamera object to save the snapshot or movie to the file named in the set media function call.


When you are done viewing the snapshot or movie, stop the ICamera object, which starts the transition of the ICamera object to the ready mode.

nErr = ICAMERA_Stop(pMe->pICamera);

The callback function is called with nStatus of CAM_STATUS_DONE and nCmd of CAM_CMD_START. You can then save the snapshot or movie.

To save a snapshot:

nErr = ICAMERA_RecordSnapshot(pMe->pICamera);

To save a movie:

nErr = ICAMERA_RecordMovie(pMe->pICamera);