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Brew Level 1 Rev C API Specification


Base version:

Brew MP 1.0.2

Document number:

HT80-VT500-198 Rev. F

Date published:

April 25, 2012


Brew MP API Levels are a means to standardize the set of classes and interfaces supported on Brew MP devices. By complying with a Brew MP API Level Specification, the device guarantees that it supports Brew interfaces in a consistent, expected manner. This enables an application ecosystem in which independent developers can count on a Brew MP device to run their applications in the expected manner. Brew Level 1 specifies the minimum set of classes and interfaces that all ecosystem devices should support.

Brew Levels are defined in cooperation with key stakeholders in the application ecosystem, including manufacturers, operators, and developers.


This document is the Brew Level 1 API Specification. This document defines the required classes and interfaces for Brew Level 1. A "BL1 compliant" device supports all the classes and interfaces required for BL1.

The Functionality for a Brew Level is fully specified by:

  • Classes: Defines the core functionality included in the Brew Level. All classes defined for the Brew Level must be implemented on the device
  • Primary Interface(s): Defines the primary interfaces included in the Brew Level. All interfaces defined for the Brew Level must be implemented on the device. Not all interfaces associated with a class are required for Level compliance.
  • Features: Some interfaces expose a wide variety of options and functionality through an open-ended interface, where the exact set of supported features is specified through interface parameters. Not all interface parameters may be required for Level compliance. When this is the case, a short description of the exception is provided along with the Primary Interface.
  • Test Modules: Each interface is mapped to a Test Module that is used to validate the implementation on the device. The Test Module constrains the interface requirements to the specific parameters, use cases, and behaviors required for Level compliance.

The Brew Level API Specification defines the Classes and Primary Interfaces required for Level compliance and notes high-level features and/or exceptions to the interface requirements. For a full description of the Features and Test Cases required for Level compliance, see the companion Brew MP Level Test Specification document.